What Is Neuro Linguistic Programming And How Does It Work?

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Do you know what is neuro linguistic programming and how does it work? Read my experience with it and know how it is connected with law of attraction.

New experience came to me unexpectable. I go on Facebook every day to see if there are any notifications and check new posts. It was a day that I was going to close Facebook but I scrolled down a little bit more. I am glad that I did it.

I saw an ad for a workshop that explains NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming. But then I didn’t know this term. I clicked on ad and a site opened. When I read about this workshop I saw familiar things that I am practicing. It was all about the law of attraction.

I learn, practice and research law of attraction every single day, it become my lifestyle. Because I am practicing and living with the law, the universe gave me this opportunity to expand my knowledge and to have a new experience.

That evening I told my partner about it. He was not very excited at first, but he said yes. So I signed us to the workshop.

A Workshop With a World Speaker

The speaker of the workshop was Dr. Aleksander Sinigoj, the NLP trainer, coach and instructor. He is an expert in the field of personal and business growth. Dr. Sinigoj was chosen in the team of the co-founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. Sinigoj spoke in 20 countries and was learning with international trainers and well-known businessman.

We came in the school where the workshop was hold and wait for people to fill the classroom. When we were waiting some music started to play. It was well-known Gangnam style. I said to myself, oh my god, what an introduction of the workshop!

Later we started to listen to Dr. Sinigoj. He is a charismatic man who haven’t got problems with preparing people to listen. We were exited what he has to say.

He started to explain a little bit about himself and his work and then he moved on law of attraction. I must say that he mentioned the law just two times in the whole evening. But he didn’t have to say directly, me and my partner knew that the whole idea behind his work and knowledge is about this powerful universal law.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming and How does it Work?

The most interesting were his real stories of the people who he met on his lectures and workshops.

Woman with an addiction

He told of a woman that came to him for a help with food addiction problem. And what was her most desirable food? You can guess. A chocolate. Yes, but not any kind of a chocolate. She was addicted of a Lindt chocolate. For those who doesn’t know, Lindt chocolates are the best chocolates on the world, made by Swiss. She and Dr. Sinigoj agreed that she will stop eating Lindt chocolate immediately the next day.

chocolate addiction

Here’s the ironic. She came on the next meeting with him and told what happened. She stopped eating all Lindt products but started eating something new. She just replace her addiction to other chocolate brand, can you believe it?

Some people don’t want to overcome their addiction because they know something is available for them and that they can have it. They enjoy it, why spoil the fun? Life should be fun, right? And what a big party it is, to “poison” the body.

Think. Do you have an addiction? You think it is worth doing it? You like to be dependent of something or someone? You don’t have to even think.

If we stick to this example of chocolate, sugar is the most addictable substance on the world. Food moguls know the science behind sugar. So they put sugar everywhere – in bread, cereals, pre-prepared meals, ketchup, cocoa, sodas.

I don’t have to mention the typical foods where sugar is the main ingredient. And how they trick us, especially children, with seducing colors and shapes of the food (think of the gummy bears and chocolate Santa). Manipulating us to take action is the top of the iceberg.

A man was placed against the wall

Coca-Cola commercialHere is a story of a man who waited 18 years to finish his diploma. This man met Dr. Sinigoj and asked him if he could help him finish the diploma.

A man expected that doctor will work with him on some technique or hypnosis (he knows this too). But this time it was a totally different approach. Doctor told him that if he doesn’t finish his diploma in certain time, he will have to give €5000 to his opposite political party.

This was a new experience to the man. Dr. Sinigoj must know this man very well, so that he gave him something that he would strongly oppose and that this situation will turn his scale. So he did it, he wrote the diploma successfully. He must hate this political party very much.

In general, you need a clear goal to finish something, but in this case paying the opposite political party was reason enough for a man to finish what he started.

Hypnosis Brought the new Experience and Peacefulness

Do you know what is neuro linguistic programming and how does it workMy favorite time in the workshop was the hypnosis. It was my first time and brought new positive experience.

Doctor turned the lights off and turn peaceful, soft music on. The procedure was easy. Our foot had to be on the floor and our hands on our thighs. We closed our eyes and relax. The music was wonderful; I imagine myself walking in the crop field, enjoying in the peacefulness.

Dr. Aleksander started to speak. He told us that we are in the place with an infinite number of cradles. In each cradle there was a child. Babies in cradles were our love ones and people that are or were the part of our life.

Our task was to choose a person who we want and pick him/her from the cradle. We told the person (our mother, father, brother, cousin, etc.) that we forgive him/her and express love.  And they expressed love as an answer.

It was really touching. When I was talking to my mother and father I couldn’t stop the tears. Emotions were very strong at that point. When I said to each chosen person what I have to say , I put them back in the cradle and my heart was in peace.


The goal of this hypnosis was that we make peace with people we want. The result was like I expected, I felt joy and love towards my love ones, regardless of past doubts or resentments. Dr. Sinigoj brought me new experience and knowledge.

You saw what is neuro linguistic programming and how does it work. This was far the richest experience that I had till today. And I know I will have many of them in the future. Life is really a beautiful journey.

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