Law Of Attraction Step By Step Process That You Should Know About

Accomlishment techniques for success

In this article I will tell you law of attraction step by step process for manifesting anything. This process is easy and powerful, if you know why are you doing it (having a goal and burning desire) and if you believe.

Visualization Brings Emotionslaw of attraction step by step process

You should visualize your wish as many times you can. I have the desire to earn $10.000 per month. So, I visualize myself of receiving this amount of money, throughout the day.

If you imagine your desire with many details using imagination, then your thinking is imbued with emotions. The involvement of emotions means that you sent powerful signals to the universe. Emotions will decrease the time of manifestation too.

Law of Attraction Writing Down What You Want

Buy yourself a notebook (dream book) and write everything that you desire or wish to have inside the notebook. For every wish that comes to your mind write it down.

Your imagination is unlimited, so include all things that will make you feel good. You can add pictures in the book or draw it yourself for boosting your good emotions about your wish. It will make your wish more real and more alive. The point is that you do everything to get closer to this dream of yours. Feel the excitement!

Law of Attraction Step By Step Process

First we have to lose the negative energy from the body. This is a process that will make you emit the frequencies from our brain to the universe.

It can be done in many ways:


Manage to Feel Good all the Time

Don’t forget, the basis for successful manifestation is “Feel good now.”

When you will manage to feel good and have a peaceful state of mind, you can focus on your wish. Affirmations are the next step forward to accomplishment.

Write your goal in your dream book and also what are you going to do about it. Then you read aloud what you wrote every day. Read it first in the morning when you get up and in the evening before going to sleep.

Methods that are Crucial for Manifesting Your Wish

Ok, I must tell you two methods or accomplishment techniques regarding the realization of wishes with the law of attraction. Maybe this suggestion will make you astonished, but here it is.

First Method – Visualize

You must act like you already have the wanted thing and that you are enjoying it every day. Let’s say that you want a new kitchen. Go to your kitchen and cook something delicious. When you are cooking and smelling the food, act like you are making art in your new desirable kitchen!

Ok, a task for you. Get comfortable and listen to your breathing for a minute. Then imagine having or enjoying what you really want to have. See the details of a desire and try to smell it. How does it feel? Are you smiling right now? Yes, this is the right attitude. 🙂

You do that all the time till your burning wish manifests. This way universe will bring your wish even faster.

I listen to this video regularly before I go to bed.

Second Method – Take the Wish into the Real World

Use these accomplishment techniques from law of attraction step by step process to decrease the waiting time of your desire.

Let us stay at the new kitchen. What will you do except wanting it? Let’s repeat. Take a notebook (your dream book) and write all about your new kitchen. Focus on having the kitchen right now (this brings good emotions). You should know exactly how your new kitchen will look like, in details:

  • color
  • material
  • design
  • price
  • time or date of the purchase
  • the method of the payment (cash or check) and so on.

Printed or cut material

accomplishment techniquesThe next step is to look in the real world and find the kitchen that fits your dream kitchen.

Look the kitchen magazines and on the internet for the perfect match. Then cut it out from the magazine or print it from the internet and paste it in your desire book.

Look at the kitchen every day and fill the book with more words and material. You can draw your kitchen too. Get closer to your ideal kitchen. This is the point.

Your Wish is Out There – Find it

You can do more for manifestation! How about going to store and look the kitchens? Find your kitchen and see it with your own eyes, smell it, touch it. And this is not all 🙂  Take a picture of you in that kitchen and paste it at home in the place that you can see it all day.

A situation will stick in your unconscious mind, and if it is even emotional embed, the wish will manifest faster.

Therefore, you need an exact plan. You don’t think how you will buy the kitchen, but you think of points mentioned above (color, material, delivery, etc.).

You see what I mean? You focus on the new kitchen like you have it already. When you plan all details and feel good about it, you will emit powerful signals to the universe to fulfill your command.

What You Should Do to Manifest?

Dream a lot, encourage your imagination to work, and don’t ask yourself unnecessary questions like “How will I get it?” It is not a positive thing to do so avoid it. The universe will give you a chance and all that is needed to manifest the wish.

It is your choice to take advantage of this opportunity! I suggest you to find a way to feel good all the time or most of the time. I  explained through the article how to do that. Positive signals will speed up the process of manifestation.

The Final Thought

The meaning of life is that you realize all wishes and desires and live abundant and happy life. You deserve that, don’t you agree?

If you agree and if you are ready to learn the power of the law of attraction and see the meaning of law of attraction step by step process, follow the steps and advice. The universe will help you for sure. Why? Because it doesn’t overlook nothing.

“The starting point of all achievements is desire.”

~ Napoleon Hill

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  1. Love it,
    Thanks for the article. I totally agree. Build the reality from the inside out. Then live the wish fulfilled.
    Manifesting is great fun, all it really takes is a little positivity, imagination, and gratitude.

    Big love


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