How To Spend Free Time At Home to Accomplish Your Goal


How to spend free time at home to accomplish your goal? You can accomplish a goal much quicker with the right mindset.

Yesterday I made a creativity test that my mentor gave me by listening to him through the audio cd. It was a 6-minute test. I was told to grab a paper and a pencil. I was feeling excited. What did I have to do? I had to make a creation.

I thought “I have a short time to do this and I must think of something good. ” Thinking lead me to my wish. I said to myself “I will create my office, where I will work.” So I started to draw my office like I was dreaming about. I am not a great drawer, but anyone could tell what is in the picture.

I was drawing and thinking of my dream. I am sure that I was smiling during my creation. I draw a window, sun was shinning, and tulips were bathing in the sun. I saw myself sitting in a very comfortable leader chair at a beautiful oak desk.

Pictures on the wall were the soul of the office and made a room alive. But something was missing in that room. Oh my gosh, books! I made a big bookshelf with different kinds of books in it.

There was also a burgundy couch for the relaxing on the side. I had a mighty chandelier that made my office even richer (not in the term of money). In general, my office will be old-fashioned, in brown–white and pearl colors.

my desired officeMy boyfriend was measuring the time I was creating. When he said I had two minutes more, I was at the end of drawing my desirable office. I finished, and we wanted to know what the mentor will tell us.

This creativity test had one meaning. I was supposed to be interrupted and stopped when creating after six minutes. Well, I finished on time (I was on a timer).

But never mind, we listened to the mentor and what does he has to say. He said” Those who were stopped during creation, how did you feel?” The main point here is that the person should be stopped during his creation and this means negative emotions.

Take Action and Create

creativity test

Now you do the same so that you will see what happens. Stop reading for a moment, grab a paper, set a timer and go – create something!

Ok, how did you feel when creating? Did you have positive emotions?  Did the timer stop you?

How did you feel? Leave the comment at the end of this article on tell us how did you feel, nevertheless, you were stopped or not.

Result of the Creativity Test

Now that you made a test, you know how it is to be interrupted. If you weren’t interrupted, just pretend that you had to stop what you were doing. This test is an excellent way to show people how crucial is to have peace when working on something important.

There can be many distractions at work place. More and more people work from home and they should know how to deal with distractions at home. Remember when you were stopped doing work in the office. Were you angry?

People that we live with, co-workers, friends, neighbors; they are all a part of our lives and spending time with us. It’s a good thing to hang out, but do you allow them to interrupt your work? So how to spend free time at home to accomplish your goal? Are you one of those people who doesn’t know how to say no to people? You ask yourself, only you know the truth.

How to Spend Free Time at Home to Accomplish Your Goal?

Time management is crucial for success. How do you spend your day?

Student’s 100% Responsibility

We are different and have different lifestyles. Some people are athletes, businessman, housewives, gardeners, architects and so on, there’re many types of occupation. We have small and big goals.

But beside our occupation we can have other objectives. For example, a student’s primary job is to finish a college. So, his time is spent on homework and learning.

Let’s say a student has a burning desire to become the best programmer in his town. He is so ambitious and committed to his programming  that he spends the most of his free time learning.

How to spend free time at home

He made a commitment that all free time activities will be subordinated to programming. He made a time management plan which also includes people in his life.

He told his family and friends about his goal and explained that this is his primary objective in free time.

His bellowed understood what he said so they respected his wish for studying in free time and not being around them so much. This is a good example of a person who is taking full responsibility for success.

Student’s Indecision and Lack of Burning Desire

Here we have a student who has the same goal of becoming a great programmer like a student before. But this student is indecisive. Let’s look on his approach.

He is a good student. When he comes home, he eats, changes his clothes and goes to his room to program.  After 15 minutes his telephone rings. He takes the phone and see that his best friend is calling. He spent 35 minutes on the phone talking with his friend about yesterday movie that was on TV.

He continued his work after the conversation, and he was deep in programming an application that will help people fix the problem with their mobile by themselves.

He was so into it that he forgot the time. He was doing well and his codes worked properly. All was fine till his father shouted and asked him to come down so that he could help him with the mower.

He was pissed, and all his positive energy and focus disappeared in one second. He stopped with his work and went to help his father. He has a lot of distractions and his work is not progressing as it should.

This is an example of a person who didn’t take control of his actions and responsibility. He let others influence on his life and possibility of success. You are the creator of your life, not others.

30 Days of Becoming More Organized and Effective Person

How to spend free time at home? You can always decide to be better and more efficient.  If you have a goal and want to be more efficient, take my advice.

Set up 30 days in which you will make notes of yourself and your activities. Every day you take a few minutes and think about yourself and your spent time. Write your thoughts down.

Look the notes every day and read the past activities. You will see what changes you made and how positively they affect your work. Why is this good? It is psychological. If you take easy steps towards your big goal, your self-esteem will rise together with the accomplishment of small goals.

Be honest with yourself. Write all down – how much time do you chat with a friend, watching TV, sitting in a coffee shop, etc. All activities should be inside the notebook.

I am sure that you will progress and that you will see how important it is to go deep inside yourself and find the answers. Maybe you will find something that was repressed in you for a long time and was stopping you from making that big step towards your freedom.

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