What Does Burning Desire Mean? Do You Have One?

develop a burning desire for having more money

What does burning desire mean? I will explain it in the article. I never had money and I was always dependent. My self-esteem was not good and it affected on my life and making decisions. I was living in an environment in which people didn’t support my ideas or didn’t allow for me to break through.

Then I moved out with my partner Tadej to a city where we started a new life. We had a wish to become independent and live our lives like we want to without any barriers. Being independent and able to think with your own head is always a good thing to do. We wanted to find something that we will be good at and earn money from home.

Before our burning wish came true, we pass through many obstacles. We knew that this is our only chance to run away from the despair that we were facing when looking for a job. Do you know how it is to be at home all the time and desperately looking for a job without success? All employers want people with experiences which I didn’t have in my profession.

But we wanted changes so badly that the universe brought us a solution that changed our lives for good. We accepted the given information and the time came when we took it to the next level. You can read the whole story here: LOA Power Philosophy.

Now, let’s see the steps which are needed to develop a burning desire for having more money.

Step #1 The Importance of Having Wishes

Nowadays people haven’t got time to think because of busy schedules. I see people around me as machines. They are programmed to do obligations every day. They lack free time for focusing on themselves. People get tired these days pretty quick. The evening brings relaxation in front of TV where they fall a sleep.

wish for moneyOn the other side we have children who have many wishes and desires. They are learning about the world, and it’s fun to ask parents for buying them new things.

When we get older our wishes and desires changes. We don’t want a candy anymore; our wishes are more life-oriented and meaningful.

You know that if you want something, you must put some effort to it or pay money to have it. Who has wishes and desires? A healthy person with a clear and balanced mind has them. Our desires are connected to the unconscious mind.

Activities are the result of our unconscious mind. When you have a strong wish, you are unconsciously attracting it. Your wishes can be positive but you can have malitious wishes too.

If you hate someone it means that you lost connection with yourself and that you are not happy. People with wishes are healthy individuals with an optimistic point of view that is pushing them forward.

Task: Think about your wishes. Which are your priority for realization? What is your burning desire which accomplishment would dramatically changed your life?

Step #2 Find your Life Ambitions

We have different kinds of wishes. Some of them are small and some are bigger. It depends on us if we will fulfill them.

What does burning desire meanI think next two factors affect on the wish development. The environment is the most vital factor because it influences on our behavior. Environment is crucial when we grow up but it shows as important in every life period.

Some people can distract you from your goal so you should choose your company wisely. Many people started with nothing but their burning desire led them to the right path.

You can change your environment, place you live and people who surround you. Move if you feel you should. You need ambitions. They are power that will move you forward. They give a life meaning.

Task: Think about your environment and people surrounding you. Find people who have the same mindset and desires as you and connect with them. Also set your life ambitions today.

Step #3 Solve the Lack of Desire Problem

What about a person who doesn’t have wishes at all? A person without wishes is missing the opportunities that could bring him wealth and abundance. Let me tell you my short story regarding lack of wishes. When I was a teenager, I had no wishes or specific goals.

I was raised modestly. I thought that being at home all the time is everything I need. I felt secure. Wishes are mostly connected wth money. If you want to get something, you must pay for it, no matter if it is a product or a service.

I had some money back then; it was just enough for me to buy small things or go out with my friends. But I was like a bank that was giving loans because I was stockpiling the money and never really spent a lot, so loved-ones came to me when they needed it.

I was not an ambitious person and I was not progressing as I should. If you have no wishes then you are like a statue that will not move nowhere. You have to think what you want from life and start paying attention to your inner voice. Don’t listen to those who are putting doubts in your head. You need to succeed and not to stagnate.

Task: Do you have any wishes? Do you dream of something? Think of your wishes and analyze if you are moving forward or not.

Step #4 What Does Burning Desire Mean?

Find a purpose in life

I think there is no one that would not want to have a good quality life. Many people are struggeling so they will have the life worth living. That is a natural human behavior.

Having desires makes us alive and excited when we think of its accomplishment. There is a big difference between a person whose desire is burning like a flame and will do anything for it, and a person whose wish is ordinary and will vanish through time. We can find people with ordinary wishes all around us.

You can see many people who don’t realize their ideas because their wish was not aiming for the goal. Often our wishes are made because other people have them, and that is the only reason we want it because we feel like we should have it too.

Money is an excellent example, who doesn’t want to have more money? People see successful and rich men and women who are living their dream life, and they want it too. But what is wrong with their wish?

Their wish has a big imperfection. It lacks a purpose. Ask yourself why do I wish more money? What will I do with it? You must have a purpose for everything.

Task: What is your purpose of making ? If you haven’t got a purpose then make one. Think of possibilities on how you can spend this money wisely or even invest for future success.

Step #5 Develop a Burning Desire for Having More Money

Why do we even have wishes? Wishes occur because we want something to change, achieve or have. Having wishes and desires is a good thing, it is a base for setting a goal. A person with a goal has a healthy state of mind and is moving forward. But many people stay excited just for a short period of time.

Let me explain the differences. If you want to earn income just because the thought of having it feels amazing, it is not necessary that your wish will come true. Well the excitement is good but occasionally people stop here and do nothing.

Second, if your wish is not strong enough, you will not go for it or you will lack motivation and stop. Obstacles and problems will defeat excited person sooner or later.

On the other hand, if we know why we want we have a goal and we feel motivated to achieve this objective. Here you have the perfect plan and you have many more possibilities to succeed and achieve that goal. In this case, you are driven by enthusiasm.

We are emotionally connected to the idea and it drives us through all obstacles. Achieving a goal matters. Being enthusiastic means that your energy is raising and you are open to getting more and more positive ideas regarding your goal.

“A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm”.

~ Charles Schwab

What does burning desire mean? It means that you will do everything in your power to achieve it and you will not give up during the proccess. Having desires and wishes is the most vital (first) step of your successful journey but it is not the only one.

I will present more factors in the future posts. Without ambitions you are not allowing yourself to fulfill your life purpose so think of what you are doing in life and if it makes you happy. Don’t neglect your inner voice and start to dream big.

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