Apply Examples Of Personal Smart Goals And You Will Manifest

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The best way for manifestation is goal clarity. People’s examples of personal smart goals can teach you how to plan your success. Law of attraction works if you have a clarity of goal or not. For example, you can have a simple wish “I want to feel good in life”.

If you have a positive mindset in your head, it will trigger a set of positive things. You will live positive and happy. But remember, you never know what you will get in life.

How is not the Right Question

Question how

If you want the manifestation of a particular thing, the best way is goal clarity. Plan your goal. Say to yourself “I want this”, and then make a plan how you will get it.

Don’t ask yourself “How will I do it?” Because this kind of question trigger doubt in us and consequently we emit negative vibrations in the universe.

These are negative emotions so you never ask youself how will you do it. You just say to yourself ”I want this, no matter what happens, I will do this.”

Remember, law of attraction always work if you believe it or not! The only difference is how will it work, in another word, what will you attract in your life. For me, the best way to manifest is goal clarity. This helps me a lot by my visualization technique.

Examples of Personal Smart Goals

Make a specific plan for your goal manifestation. Divide your project into smaller steps, so you will be happy and excited with every acomplished step. Then take a sheet of paper and write all steps of the plan on the paper. Do this with some nice colors and paste it in some place that you will see it frequently. I have it posted on my wall, so I look it whenever I am in my apartment.

Then take some nice pictures of your goal and paste it beside this goal plan. This is for your motivation, every time you look a plan you will know why you are doing this. I tell you, work is much easier when you see the image of your goal beside the plan. Whenever you do some smaller milestone from your big plan towards your desired goal, mark it. I do a checkmark, which is a proof to me that I am one step closer to my desired goal. This makes me happy.

This is good for your motivation and for releasing your positive emotions. This way you will not give up on your goal because you have these small motivational tricks that help you moving on. You will be happy for every small step that you did toward the goal, and you know you are doing just fine and progressing. Remember, always be happy.

You will see the Clear Path Infront of You

The specific and detailed goal is good for a lot of things. You will know how to do something, what actions you will take and how will you work. It helps a lot in a business area, through visualization technique that I will describe you in my future article.

When you know these things you will have no negative emotions in your head, and you will emit positive vibration. Also remember, you must always feel good or feel better.

Now you ask yourself what is your specific goal. What will you do to accomplish this goal? Do what you love and what you are good in. If you still have doubts regarding your work and goals, I will give you a test. The test will show you what area you like.

What are Your Interests in Life?

What career type are you? Do you have characteristics of realistic and artistic type? What are your interests?

examples of personal smart goals

Take 15-20 minutes and do Holland core career test that will reveal you:
• What career type are you
• How you scored for each of the six interest areas
• Which is appropriate career for you regarding your interests

This test will show your true interests and potentials that you have, nevertheless you work or not. Take some time and give yourself a chance to reveal your values that you can apply and help people around the world.

Click here –>Holland Code Career Test

Use What You Know

Now you see what your qualities are and what you like. Goal clarity is the next step. Applicate examples of personal smart goals in your situation. Just applicate this article and do your plan. Follow the plan towards your desired goal. And don’t say to yourself ” I don’t know enough to do this.”, or thinking that others are better in this.

Remember some people are doing this for long time and they learned how to do their job without a struggle. Ask yourself ”Where were they in the beginning? They had to start too and work as you will. Just work and enjoy what you are doing and this way you will applicate the law of attraction in the proper way. The result of your goal desire will be unavoidable.

You will always have goal desire in your head and the smaller steps that you do towards your goal. The stronger your faith is in the law and achieving your goal, the faster you will make it. If you do not pass through your smaller step fast enough this means that you must divide your plan into even smaller steps.
Motivation and positive thinking are crucial so this universal law can work for you in a proper way.

P.S. Take advantage of your potentials now and never quit! I don’t care if you work or you are unemployed, start now and show what you are made of. Succeed in area that you love and don’t look back. You will do a great job – you will fulfill your life purpose.

“Write it down. Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants; can’ts into cans; dreams into plans; and plans into reality. Don’t just think it, ink it!”

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  1. I like how you slice the goals into little accomplishments. This would help keep the person motivated after every little accomplishment is achieved.

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