How To Attract What You Want From The Universe

LOA Power opens his doors

How to attract what you want from the universe? I am excited to share this story with you. It’s an inspirational true story for you to understand how useful and powerful LOA Power philisophy is.

This time I will tell you how I changed the life of a young boy or should I say a young man who is my friend. A family moved in our apartment building some time ago, a mother and his son. Mother works as a merchant in the store and Mario is at home.

At first Mario was very quiet and shy boy. Time passed and we started to speak a few words. I saw that he is very shy and that he never smiles. After some time I saw that something is wrong with him. We have our good and bad days, but he was always serious and he never smiled.

friendsHe liked to come to me and talk. I was embarrassed many times because I didn’t know how to approach him. Our conversation was a few words dialog.

Mario was a depressed boy in 20ies but I saw that he wants to communicate and socialize.

I never turn down a person who wants to talk to me for any reason. So I tried to get close to him and get in contact. We became friends and our conversation became more fluid. He listed to me, what I do, how I think about life and how different I was in the past. He didn’t answer much but I noticed that he was listening carefully.

One day I told Tadej an idea. I told him “Maybe we can help him with our LOA Power philosophy.” He agreed, so I told Mario about it. I didn’t tell him directly because I didn’t want to pressure him. Every day we met, I told him peace by peace of my work, about the law of attraction and LOA Power.

How to Attract What You Want from the Universe

I asked him questions so that I could figure out what does he want from life. Mario was always in his room on the computer and he didn’t socialize a lot. He told me about his school and his interest in programming.

I was happy that he opened up to me and express his thoughts and feelings. I must say that sometimes it was hard, and I didn’t know what to do or say but we managed out because we both had the good vibrations. I know that we all should have a purpose in life that will make us happy and joyful.

programming codeThe day came when Mario told me about programing languages which interests him and he decided to buy learning books. This was a major progress in his attitude.

In the past he always listen what his mother has to say and he was not an independent person at all.

Starting His Own Small Business

I motivated Mario till that point that he decided to help others with programming. There are many people out there who needs help in school regarding programming, setting up a website or just to fix some programming code.

When he was confident enough he made an online advertisement for helping others with programming. At first there was not any progress, nobody contact him but later on he received his first mail and he was really excited.

He started to receive mails from teenagers from different schools because he did a good job with some of their school mate’s assignments. He also learned how to manage online payments so he can receive money on his bank account.

Can you imagine a boy transforming from a depression and with no purpose to a boy who loves what he do and also makes money with it? I am really happy for him. I changed his life.

I still teach him or should I say help him towards his life meaning. The guide that we wrote has how to attract what you want from the universedetails of elements that will help you to overcome some negative factors in your life.

We will teach you good principles for becoming successful and happy. I used this principles with Mario too. Slowly and with a lot of work and dedication we managed to overcome a barrier that separated him from better life that he deserves.

He is just on the beginning on his journey but he break the ice and I am sure that he will follow his dream – no matter if it will be programming or something else. His thoughts are free now and he is ready to make his own destiny. I show you a way on how to attract what you want from the universe. You must change your vibes first.

I know that our guide can help people and we are so happy that it works for others too.

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