LOA Power Philosophy – A Missing Point Of Law Of Attraction

The LOA Power philosophy development

This is a story of our achievment and development of LOA Power Philosophy. I searched for life purpose for a long time. When I finished high school I went to college. It was a good time for me. I had an occupation and time for myself. Life was just indifferently.

When I finished school it was time of taking the next step. I start looking for a job. Well I searched it even before when I was in college but that was just temporary student jobs that I did.

After that I was looking for a real job that would give my partner and me a better life standard and new options. We come from beautiful country Slovenia, where is hard to find a job. There are many jobs in the labor market in Slovenia that doesn’t require lots of knowledge.

My job applications were targeted for jobs that require specific knowledge that I have. The result was disastrous because I have no experience. I got negative answers all the time. I got used to it but I was feeling hopeless and always asking myself: “What will I do, I can’t be like this and just sit at home doing nothing.”

no experience

I heard stories of my peers that they are married, with jobs and kids. This was an additional pressure for me and my mom didn’t make it easier.

I know that there are young people who are in the same situation as I was and want to succeed. I am the person who understands them and knows how hard it is to be without a job.

The person who is not doing anything, no matter if he is young or older, is like slowly dying. Every person must have a life purpose that he follows and enjoy. I can’t describe how I felt when I was without life meaning. I felt like the loneliest person on this world.

Everything changes and so did my free time and activities. Tadej and I started to work on opportunities that came to us. We invested in cryptocurrencies; did an online business but nothing seemed to work.

We were cheated by an American company regarding cryptocurrencies. We also had a lack of passion regarding former online business. These were unsuccessful attempts but we learned our lesson.

“Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” ~ Gena Showalter

It is important that you don’t give up after few attempts of realizing your goal. We didn’t give up eather. We were lucky to know the law of attraction that was first presented to us through the movie The Secret.

That was the first time we heard of this amazing law. We start to practice it. When you are serious to know this law, you are pulled into and with every step you will want to know more and more. You will feel excited.

Development of LOA Power Philosophy 

So as we started to use it, we noticed that something is missing. Something about the law of attraction wasn’t right. Our energy was rising and we felt better than ever before but we didn’t see progress in our work.

It is wrong to believe that this universal law will do everything for you. Believe me, you will need to put effort to it. Nothing works without us working towards the goal.

Tadej and I were doing two things at the same time – practicing the law and working towards our goal of succeeding in online business. The time came when we noticed that law will not work if we just meditate, pray or draw visualize boards. Don’t get me wrong, we were working, just didn’t see the whole picture.

That time was crucial for us because we figured out a philosophy that was a missing point in the law of attraction picture. It works and gives results. We decided that we will call it LOA Power philosophy.

We managed our work and the law of attraction together and the results came. We don’t have to worry about money anymore and what is the most important – we found our life purpose that is teaching others how to get the financial freedom that everyone deserves.

LOA Power Philosophy

We wrote a book that will help you attract more money with LOA Power philosophy.

Create your independent dream life & start building your new and secure future with LOA Power Philosophy. With this book you will be able to change your life and never ask again what is the easiest way to have wealth. It will help you to change your mindset and also prepare you to figure out what is your life purpose.

I am so grateful that Tadej and me have the opportunity to be useful. We can enjoy in our work and help others. Everyone deserves happiness. If we are happy; we can make others happy too. This way we are making the world a better place for all of us.

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