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Law Of Attraction Fear And WorryHow are law of attraction fear and worry connected? I will tell you my story that will reveal you the link between them. My youth was characterized by fear. This time, I will tell you my personal story regarding fear and its connection with the law of attraction.

From the high school I started to think what I will do in life and what is the purpose of living. When I was developing my personality, my thoughts were oriented on spirituality and mysticism. I asked myself “Where are the limits”?

I always looked for something more than just an average life. I was searching its meaning for more than a decade. I was unhappy on many occasions. I had up’s and down’s that were not usual for a healthy person (mentally and physically).

My parents raised me and programmed my mind with their values, habits and beliefs. I accepted their beliefs on the unconscious mind and acted the same because I was exposed to them every day. Let me say that parents raised me with their best intention and with the knowledge they had.

Years passed by and I grew up. I had a question that wasn’t answered by my parents and my mind and soul were not at peace at that time.
I was raised in Christian family with the focus on modesty, honesty, and respect. So I developed a system of modest habits and beliefs. The seemingly well-intentioned gesture of my parents did much damage in my life because I didn’t develop desires.

It is because I was taught that we have to live modestly. They didn’t tell me this, but their actions told me so, and I followed it. I know this fact now. Later, when the universe heard my wish yearning for something more, it sent me on a journey of Law of Attraction. Thus my road to happiness began.

I Was not Heard

In my family I was never able to fully express my thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. I was never heard the way I should be. I was treated as a child, and my opinion was never accepted (until my 25-th birthday). I think that every parent has the responsibility to carefully listen to the child and monitor his way of thinking, together with positive encouragement.

With such parenthood, the child feels useful and can learn positive examples from his parents which inadvertently anchor in the subconscious mind of the child. Thus, children develop their most important feature that they will need on their road to success in life. It is self-confidence that allows them to grow to independent and determine people.

Long-term suppression brought inferiority and inability into my subconscious mind so I couldn’t express myself. This means that I withdrew into my world of thoughts, which many people didn’t know of.

I was also offended quickly. Even when a man or a woman joked with me, sometimes I acted offended and defensive. This way, I isolated myself from people since I thought that I wasn’t accepted.
Each cause has its reaction, and vice versa. Thus, my isolation and antisocial behavior are a result of fear, because I was afraid of new oppression and disagreements with people. This would mean a new, already known disappointment that would only confirm my lack of self-esteem and imaginary inferiority. But we must know inner workings of self-esteem and how to fix low self-esteem to finally start to live.

Fear of Criticism

I never had many friends; in fact, they could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Subconsciously, I was in the company of humble people and often prefer to agree with them. That’s because I didn’t want criticism and disappointment.

I can say that it was a kind of circuit negativity that surrounded my life. Everything in the universe is circulating, and I believe it is the same on earth – the events, people, thoughts, and everything runs in a circle.

Lack of self-esteem in youth deprived me of the opportunities and learning new things. Well-developed self-esteem and persuasiveness open many doors for a person. It is the most important that he is stable and unswerving in himself and his value.

My Math Teacher was the Tip of the Iceberg

Law of attraction fear and worry are connected to each other. Deprivation wasn’t shown only in friendship circles and in the school, but also later when searching the work. I have never had enough initiative and self-confidence to do something more than just write and send a job application. I was afraid of contact with employers and clients, if they would choose me for the job.

I had a teacher in primary school who was very strict. Math was not my popular school subject. I remember a period when we learned multiplication. I can remember when a math teacher grabbed my school bag and threw it in the corner. What did she even think? Did she think of the consequences? I think not.

Timid girl as I was, I felt a strong fear early. My mother went to the school meeting where the teacher said that I don’t know multiplication and that she thinks I will never know it. She was rough and without compassion for the child who wants to learn.

The reaction of the mother was that I have to learn multiplication flawlessly. I told my mom what the teacher did, but if I remember correctly, there was no expected reaction from my mother. I guess my mom thought that a teacher is always right just because teachers have the status. The fact that I was just a kid didn’t result in improvements in our relationship with the teacher.

Link Between Law of Attraction Fear and Worry

I must mention the experience when I worked in a clothes shop as a student. The shop was led by husband and wife, who were not compatible in managing their store and business. It was the day when the boss came and told me to give him all the money that was earned that day. I gave him the money without hesitation and he left the store.

It was a working Saturday when I experienced an unpleasant surprise in the shop. Wife of the boss came. She locked the shop, although it was open for the customers. She accused me of stealing the money.

In a given situation my self-esteem was immediately gone. Indeed, it was a harsh accusation for which I wasn’t responsible. If I think deeper, I was responsible because I gave money to her husband without taking a note of it. The case was closed quietly because they didn’t have a proof that I stole the cash.

I worked in another food store in the following years. The lack of self-esteem, which is a consequence of those events in the past, has shown my weakness to work with the money. I was working with fear; therefore, I was not able to count the money correctly so that I would return to the customer.

It was a small shop, and there was no computer, which would show the amount that I should retund. I was rarely able to complete the buying process independently, so I called my co-worker to help me in such situation. You see what I am talking about. It is a set of events and negative experiences that have characterized my personality. The shock from the teacher, when she said that I’ll never know how to multiplicate, was only the start of the inability to work with money. Do you see the connection?

And these constant negative events have led to a constant fear of confronting with people, as well as working with money. It was in my subconscious. I didn’t need to think about fear, it has always been present in my mind, it was rooted there. This is how law of attraction fear and worry are connected to each other.

Law of Attraction works as you want. My thoughts were negative, imbued with fear, and the universe responded the same way. It gave me unwanted events. The same applies to lack of self-esteem. I had low self-esteem, and the universe left me on this road.
Are you wondering whether it is possible to demand the universe differently?

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  1. Hi Vania,
    Most people do not realize that they are getting exactly what they’ve been focusing on whether it’s positive or negative. I’ve seen the same thing in my own life and I’m starting to turn it around. Blaming circumstances and other people for our problems is convenient but devastating if we want success and happiness in life.

    • Hi Jeff,
      I agree with you. Many people live their lives without knowledge that Law of Attraction teaches. It is a supreme law that can help us if we know how it works. I am happy to see people having good experience using it and spreading the good word about their story.

  2. I wish the books ‘The Secret’, ‘Ask and it is Given’ as well as books by Norman Vincent Peale were required reading for 5th graders. That would help balance the brainwashing most children go through. I’m glad the author of this article learned about LOA and has the joy of going forward with more hope and confidence than she once had.

  3. This story resonates with me in every way. The lack of confidence, the fear that results from it, not being heard, etc. I am trying to make my way through this world. I know that it is my responsibility to make change. I am glad you discussed this issue. This I believe is what holds people back when it comes to manifesting – lack of faith bred from fear and insecurity. Thank you!

  4. This is the way I was brought up, and unfortunately, I raised my kids almost exactly the same way. Now they have a mind of their own and i’m so glad they do. I finally have sorta, at 71. “bout time”

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