How Can I Change My Life With No Money?

How Can I Change My Life With No Money

Did you ever asked yourself “How can I change my life with no money?” I guarantee you that if you read this post till the end, you will be much closer to your answer.

Our successful story began when we were living with my parents. Tadej worked at retirement and nursing home. We didn’t see each other much because he worked on weekends and holidays too.

He decided to move forward to a better life with more possibilities. I was unemployed and not satisfied with current situation also. The result of my work applications was always negative.

I didn’t know what to do through the day, so I helped parents with their work (office work, cooking and cleaning). I felt pressure because I had no steady income and also because of my environment. People asked me where I work and I felt embarrassed. I was dependent and the feeling was devastating.

So we set down and talked about our situation. Tadej said that he wants to go to college. In that time I was already a graduate. I thought about it and decided I will continue my education and become a master of social informatics. We had a goal to finish schools and get a higher education that will bring us better possibilities for a good job. Cosequently we would have better income and the opportunity to manifest all wishes.

The main thing was that when we were living at my parent’s house we didn’t have any control over our lives. We were always available to others for help  but we had no satisfaction. I spent time with my older neighbor drinking coffee and talking about daily events. But something was missing in our lives. My time wasn’t spent constructively. We wanted more control over our lives so we made a plan of going into the city.

New Environment and Opportunities


After our plan we took action. We rent a small, one room apartment. It was a big step we made because from that moment we were on our own. We learned what independence means and took full responsibility for our actions.

Our days were fully occupied. At the morning Tadej was in school when I was cooking and preparing for the school in the afternoon. When he came home, we ate our lunch, talked a little bit and then I went to lectures.

I met new people in school and I felt pretty good. I loved working for school projects and my only goal was to finish them the best I can. I had a clear goal (completing all exams) and my life had a purpose. Time passed by and I was finishing school. I had fewer obligations, so my thoughts were less occupied. I was more and more unsatisfied and looking for something new to occupy me.

As a student I start looking for a job. I found an interesting job for me; it was a job that included writing and promoting a company’s program. I made a move and applied for the job. It was a great experience. I learned the most valuable thing in my life.

I saw that writing articles and researching through the internet are my passion.  I must say that I love working with computers, so this recognition helped me to figure out what is my life purpose. I said to Tadej ”Our future job will definitely include work with computers and the internet.” He agreed.

Time of Obstacles and Struggle

In these few years, we know that we want to work something that is linked to computers. We had much knowledge from school due of the program that we attended (social informatics).

Let me say something about our school system. If I draw a line and say what school taught me, I can say that it showed me many ways from which I can succeed. But the teachers never told us how to succeed. They were teaching general knowledge.

And there was one teacher that told us a different story. His lessons were different, not so theoretical and more practice-oriented. I remember what he said at the end of his lessons. He said that every young student has to go out there and find what he likes to do. He must go forward to accomplish what he wants. He supported the idea of the young entrepreneur.

I understood him, but I was asking myself a question like almost every other attendant there: “How to do that?” I am glad that I met such an inspiring man who also succeeded in his life (he has a successful company). But nevertheless, after his inspirational and meaningful story, I felt lost, and my questions stayed the same. How to find a job that I would like?


I am a person that needs to move all the time and be in action. I complained to Tadej that I am not satisfied and that I must do more. So I decided I will try to work in a factory that makes a plastic roof for malls.

The work was not that hard, but I saw that it doesn’t satisfy me as a person. Every day was the same; I spent 2 hours a day for driving to work and getting home.

The point when I decided to quit was when I cut my hands because production manager didn’t give me the gloves which I needed. This was just the top of the iceberg because she wasn’ too nice to me from the first day I arrived.

Regarding my writing job that I mentioned in second part of our story, the company closed their doors, so I lost my student job. Me and my partner debated all the time what should we do in life.

Another opportunity came for me; he showed me what he is learning in school. It was Java programming. I said what a heck I can try this. I took first steps, bought a notebook, borrowed a programming book and started to torture myself. Yea, it was a torture for me, programming just isn’t my thing.

After that Tadej researched the internet and saw a business that includes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. We analyzed the situation and made a plan of mining those coins. The idea was good, and if nothing went wrong, we could start earning some money.

The company which we invested in for hardwarescam stole our money and disappeared. That time we lost a few thousand dollars. This is a big ammount of money for students who are struggling through.

This was a break point for us as we decided that from now on we will succeed in our online business for sure. It was a good experience because we decided that a result of our work will never depend on others again. Our success will be dependent on our work only.

Then we got other chances. We got an opportunity to start working in the online business. It wasn’t a scam like that systems “earn a in few weeks.” It was a real deal and we decided to take it.

We payed the course which was about and start to learn from each module. Much work had to be done that needed our full attention and action. It was a system where you build a website on a particular topic. We decided that we will write about healthy lifestyle because we live it.

We lived it but we weren’t passionately writing about it. The result was obvious. I must say that I was unbalanced back then, I just didn’t have enough motivation to continue. Tadej was more balanced but as a working couple this didn’t work. Our mindset wasn’t ready for something bigger because of bad energy and stress. And because of that we couldn’t digest the whole system in depth.

I think that if two people decide to do business together, they must have a common goal and interest. They should work together and do everything to accomplish it.

I was a person that quickly became negative, nevertheless I worked hard toward our goal. We had our up’s and down’s, sometimes we fought about work and our relationship wasn’t so good. But time changed and brought something better.

How Can I Change My Life with no Money?


We went through many obstacles and we had many up’s and down’s. It was really a struggle and we were feeling hopeless sometimes.

Then I was talking to my friend. He introduced me a movie The Secret. I talked to my partner about it and we watched it.

At first, we thought it is just an ordinary movie. But during the movie something changed in us. We became very emotional and inspired. We saw what our mind is capable of and what can we achieve if we practice law of attraction in the right way.

After a movie we talked about it and decided that we try law of attraction in our lives. Our day included all that we learn and slowly we noticed positive changes. I was not so negative when an obstacle came and I also responded peacefully.

We made a plan what we will do and with new law it was simpler than before. All was going well. We were making progress because we were working on the most important element – on ourselves. We transformed into powerful beings who control their feelings and thoughts. All began to change. From then I can’t remember that I experienced bad things or events or I just don’t see it. 🙂

Every day we were learning new things about law of attraction. We were practicing “classical law of attraction”. This means techniques for the manifestation of our desires. Some of them came true and some not.

Because we believed in law of attraction all the time, we knew that our wishes will come true sooner or later. But we became a little impatient and started searching ways how to accelerate the whole manifestation process.

We went to action and read a lot of literature and made a research on the internet for more information on how to get things quicker. We researched a long time and then we decided to take things into our hands and start to accelerate the whole process.

How can I change my life with no money

The result of long researching and thinking brought a new idea – Combine law of attraction with things that you love doing. We decided that we start using our technique rightaway. Through days, we saw that this method works. We analyze the technique to details and we were even more satisfied.

We were moving towards our goal and had fun doing it. Finally, we saw that our LOA technique works and we were 100% sure of it. The result was clearer visualizations and affirmations which were spoken with more faith. We emitted more powerful signals with positive energy.

The missing part of law of attraction was found – it was the action. Now we understand how the law really works. It gives you the opportunities in life. Then it is on you if you will take advantage of those opportunities for manifesting what you want.

We use our philosophy in work also. First in the morning we repeat our goals aloud and also before sleeping. When we start our day we repeat goals to motivate us and in the evening so that we know why we are working.

With this habit we spend our days constructively with meaning. We work for our priority which is to help people because we know this is our life purpose.

LOA Power Philosophy that Changed our Lives

We developed LOA Power philosophy because we failed so many times. I didn’t make it in the factory, my student job finished after one project and Java programming wasn’t for me at all.

We didn’t have luck regarding cryptocurrencies and our online business had no good foundations because there was a lack of passion. But we found a solution that works, we combined LOA Power with work that we love.

We learned that we need to have control over our lifes and enjoy because we deserve it. We decided to do what we love and that we will grow our business. We love our work and we love to help people who are in the same or similar situation like we were.

Our blog teaches how to use this beautiful universal law for having success in life. The key to our success hides in us. All we need is a burning desire which is a consequence of the strong will. When you will have a burning desire and use law of attraction properly, the life itself will show you opportunities for success and realization of your wishes. You have two choices, taking this potential or not.

I know that you want more in life because you are reading this post now. You don’t want to live average life like some people who are satisfied with status quo. They live with lack and with no goals accomplished.

Remember, the purpose of your life is to manifest your wishes and feel good. The formula for success is:

“Combine law of attraction with specific action and your wish manifestation is inevitable”.

You can succeed in every situation, if you decide and law of attraction will help you. We developed LOA Power philosophy that changed our lives totally. If you like to know more about it, you will have a chance to use it and improve your life.

How do We Live Today

on trip

I write this paragraph with a smile and satisfaction. We live our days without negative energy, negative people and without stress. We use LOA Power and every day has a purpose. We love our work and helping people.

The most important is that you find what you love to do. When you find it and use this recognition, your life will automatically change.

I am so grateful for knowing law of attraction because it helped me to overcome some bad habits (yelling, negativity and despair) that nobody could help me with. I must say that it changed my needs too. In the past I didn’t have any significant wishes. I had money but it was just a paper to me.

Now I have a lot of wishes which I am willing to achieve. I think every balanced and ambitious person has wishes and goals. Tadej and I go for walks a few times in a day, cook together, talk and do activities that bound us. We plan every day ahead, and we don’t allow unexpected things to confuse us. Now we are confident young people who have all strings of control and living a better life.

First Step to a Better Life

You read our life story and how did we find our own solution. I am sure that you found an answer on the question “How can I change my life with no money?” Now I would like to share LOA Power philosophy with you and help you to improve your life.

Take your first step towards better life and join us. With positive thoughts and work that you love, you will accomplish your goals.

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