How To Build Self Worth That Will Positively Impact On Your Life


Self-esteem is the stepping stone in every person’s life. It influences on all areas of life. You are a unique person no matter what is your skin colour, what work do you do and what is your lifestyle. Confidence and self-esteem are vital factors in your life because all actions will relate to it. Are you a confident person? You want to know how to build self worth?

 Self-Esteem Builds in Childhood


The child builds self-image through his childhood and youth. There are many factors that influence on his self-image.

When a child is born he starts to know the world and learn about things that surround him. Parents have a significantly important role in his first years of life.

The way parents are teaching and showing him things is the biggest factor in developing his self-confidence and self-esteem that will show later in his adulthood.

Parents can give positive examples to child through play, so he can feel safe and progress. He should have options to develop his creativity. If you have children, don’t tell them what to do. It is more important that you show them because they are always watching and taking patterns from you. The way a child is raised by can influence on his whole life.

Analyzing a Process

How about your self-esteem? Do you want to know how to build self worth? Let me tell you my story. I was raised in a good Christian family; my parents gave me security and love. Now that I am an adult, I can analyse the whole process of growing up and also what role did my parents play regarding developing my self-esteem.

No one in the family took me seriously when I was a child. My opinion and ideas were not important. That was a period in my life that a child must be praised for a good idea so I could get self-esteem and good picture about myself.

The lack of confirmation brought me stagnation in developing my personality. There were also events that reflected my lack of self-esteem. Bad experiences and situations continued till I didn’t decide that I am worth more, much more. You are welcome to hear my whole story in which you will find the content of my partner and me regarding the law of attraction.

Know How to Build Self Worth – Make a Test!

how to build self worth

I am sure that you remembered of your situations that made you feel humiliated in front of your peers or family, or made you confident of doing something great that you were praised about. But nevertheless of your childhood and youth, you can start doing on your self-esteem immediately.

So, now you will make an exercise. Grab a pencil and a piece of paper. Make three columns. The title of the first column is My achievements; the second one is Features that I needed, and the third one is Emotions.

Now, all that you have to do is remembering your life achievements till this moment and write all down. You will write small ones, big ones, funny, inspiring, uplifting; all of them.

In the first column you will write which achievement it was. In the second column you will write features that you used for realising that achievement and in third column what emotions did you have (still have when remembering) when accomplishing the goal.

There is no rule just one exception. Make it fun! Take this hour for yourself and bring good memories to the surface. Don’t limit yourself, draw pictures, symbols, go for your photo album, put your favourite music when doing it. You see the picture what I mean? This exercise will fill you and your heart with positiveness, and it will just confirm what a special person you are.

Make it Permanent 

I have one suggestion more. Make it a habit. It is no need to write it down every time; you can remember of something good that you made when you work or hike around.

Now you know how to build self worth. Remind your mind how creative and capable you are. This is a big booster for your self-esteem, try it and through short time you will become a happy and satisfied person who is at peace with himself.

Your good image will shine on other people and you will attract the same – positive and confident people. We are in the centre of this world and our good self-esteem will make our actions magnificent. You work on yourself and the universe will support you in the best way that it can. Believe me, this is your stepping stone to unlimited happiness.

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