What Are The Benefits Of Social Media For Society And Business?

Social media

The Internet brought a revolution in our lives and social media is not an exception. The internet allows us to communicate faster, educate, inform and download data. It demolished all boundaries of impossible.

Do you remember when did you go to the library to look some information instead of using the internet? Books with data about a particular topic are getting in oblivion because you can find the right and updated information on the web for a few seconds.

In this article, we will focus on social media usage. What are the benefits of social media for society and business? Social media became very popular and is used by millions of people all around the world. Global agency We are social published data about internet users all over the world in January 2016.

These are the stats:Communication through internet

  • Total population: 7.395 billion
  • Internet users: 3.419 billion
  • Active social media users: 2.307 billion
  • Unique mobile users: 3.790 billion
  • Active mobile social media users: 1.968 billion

As you see these are quite high numbers of internet and social media users. However the numbers are rising because of accessibility of internet and network. They recorded 10% growth of active internet users (+332 million).

The number of active social media users and number of active mobile social users is even more astounding. They record +10% growth of the first group and +17% growth of the second group of users. If you want to know more click here: Digital in 2016.

The Best Entertainment in Town

Many years I was spending my time doing nothing. I was living carefree and spent my time for entertainment (playing games, talking on social media networks, etc.) Through years I learned one important thing:

“When a person has no goals in life then his only worry is to entertain himself.”

I am telling this from my experience. I see people without goals every day and I know them personally. They are entertainment seakers. The majority of them have a job and their only worry is to go to work and make a living. They don’t complain because they are without any other goals.

And there we have some unemployed people who receive social help and spend their days only for fun. Some of them think “Why should I work if the state is supporting me?” Some seek a job but don’t find it, so their time is spent for entertainment.

benefits of social media for society

What is the best entertainment these days and how can you waste your time having fun? The answer is social media.

The main purpose and benefits of social media for society are hanging with other people, exchange information and communicate.

We saw how the number of social media users is growing, but why?

Socializing patterns changed with the formation of social networks. People are still hanging out together in the real world but the socializing transferred to the internet. As I said, internet demolished all boundaries.

Now you can talk with someone from Japan in a matter of seconds. People spend hours on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr and others. But why are people so attracted to them?

Why do You use Social Media Platforms for?

People use social media for talking, searching for ideas, staying in touch with friends, meeting new people, sharing pictures, videos and opinions. Some of them use these networks for entertainment and some make social media account for sharing their hobby.

How about transforming the idea of a hobby to a business opportunity? Did you ever think of using social media networks for business? No? Well, let me tell you my story.

My life changed dramatically when I start to think differently about life. Many years I was without any worries. My only worry was how to spend those 24 hours a day without boredom. I found social media so handy for me! I always liked people and sharing opinions about anything. Therefore social media was the perfect tool for me to get out there and spread the word.

In that time, I knew that there were many social media networks but I had my favorite – Facebook. My friends and peers had it and it was very easy to figure it how it works. I was not inviting many people to be friends with but people invited me, so I accepted their requests.

Facebook was my savior because I didn’t have any other important work. I also loved to share my favorite music on Facebook and some recipes I made. But I never thought of using Facebook for other reasons. Everything changed when I moved to town and became independent.

Benefits of Social Media for Society and Business

customer experience
customer experience

Do you know that every successful business is present on social media platforms today? No matter if a company is doing business online or not, they have different social media accounts for people to find them.

Having social media account is a must in today’s business world. A company that hasn’t got social media accounts is not competitive enough and will not get as many traffic as other competitors.

Social media is a vital part of marketing strategy that smart companies have. Nowadays customers seek information about the company, their products and services on the internet first. It is crucial to have a website + social media accounts so they could find the information easily. They are also important for brand recognition. Social media are excellent because people use it daily and it is a great opportunity for the company to show themselves on the market.

This is the best way to reach costumers and engage with them. People need quality information and responsiveness so if you are thinking of your own business don’t forget on social media networks. They will make your business successful and growing.

Social Media 100% Transformation

I started to think more ambitiously when I moved to town. Tadej and I establish an online business that is making our lives worthy. We love our business and also love to help people to find their true life purpose.

business people using social media

Social media networks came into our minds and it was a result of constant everyday learning as we grew our business.

We know that people are spending a lot of time on social media networks and that this is our big opportunity to reach out to them and establish communication.

So we opened accounts on different social media platforms and we see that it was the right decision. I saw that having a website won’t bring us traffic and engagement, so it was an urge to do.

There are many benefits of social media for society and business. Now we have straight forward communication with people and customers that are interested in our business. They can ask directly what they need to know.

I took control and shifted my behavior on social media from talking to making business opportunities.

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  1. Friends,
    This write-up is so captivating and educative. I like it when you said stopping being on social media to talk but to do business – that’s a good one.
    I found it impressive when both of you in your story were always agreeing upon whatever ideas and decision you were taking up. I liked
    “I think that if two people decide to do business together, they must have a common goal and interest. They should work together and do everything to accomplish it.”
    Very encouraging.

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