Do You Know How To Practise Law Of Attraction Correctly?

Thinking process

The law of attraction is the universal law that is among all other laws which we know. Do you know how to practise law of attraction correctly?

Law of attraction tells us that all is made up of energy (frequency) at the primary level. These frequencies are emitted by our brain. The universe answers back to our frequencies with signals. So our brains act as a transmitter and the receiver of frequency that we emit with our thoughts.

Our thinking transforms into habits that subconsciously emit this energy. The law of attraction says that same attracts the same, so if your energy is positive, you will receive positive vibrations that are reflected in the manifestation of your positive thoughts into reality.

It also applies to negative thoughts, because they reimbursed in the form of negative things that happens in our lives. As a proverb says “What you sow so shall you reap.”

how to practise law of attraction

You can’t always control your thoughts, but you can monitor your well-being. If you feel well and lucky, you are on the right path.

Most people don’t realize their dreams because they don’t believe in them. Many people ran into the Law of attraction through the literature, which is available everywhere nowadays.

But after the initial enthusiasm they are determined that this simple law doesn’t work. It is important to understand why. The books often don’t reveal all the secrets of the law or deliberately don’t reveal certain ingredients that are absolutely necessary for working of law of attraction.

The main cause of not manifesting is simply because people don’t believe in the law of attraction and doubt. It is necessary that you believe in the law of attraction. If you don’t believe, your mind emits negative signals and the universe sends back the same signals to you.

How to Practise Law of Attraction?

Let me briefly describe the process of how to convert the desire into reality. First of all, you need a burning desire about something that you want. This is not some wish that you create accidentally. It must be such a desire that you believe in it and are ready to do everything to manifest it.

This desire must be so strong that you’ll become obsessed with it and constantly think about it. That attitude will anchor your wish in the subconscious part of your mind. It will become a habit that you will practise without even thinking about it.

When you have a burning desire, it is time to move to the next step. You must believe in your wish. Faith is a vital factor for success. So you need to have such a desire you are confident with. Only this way you will believe in it and accomplish it.

Many people have desires with the lack of belief and consequently their desires are not manifested. An the end they say that law of attraction doesn’t work. They don’t know that it always works if you believe in it or not. It works in the same way as the law of gravity. Believe it or not, you will fall if you step over the edge.

Earning Money

Let’s say that I want to earn with this law. The universe will accomplish my desire only if I believe. The problem is that majority of people have doubts earning so much money because they don’t know how will they get it.

This is a negative energy sent to the universe that will respond by sending you more negative energy. This way you won’t receive the money. The solution is that we wish the amount that we feel good about earning it. For me, the amount of is the sum that I believe I can earn and because of this I feel good about it.

Do you understand? You must feel good about your wish. So, if I get my belief in the law of attraction will become stronger, and I will be confident to wish even more. The bottom line is that the universe will give us everything that we desire but only if we believe enough.

Do not place deadlines on your goals, although it is recommended in many books. An example of one good law of attraction book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is excellent and I suggest that you read it or listen as well as any other book from this author. In his books you will understand how to practise law of attraction.

And now let me explain to you why you don’t put time limitations on your goals. The fact is that your conscious part doesn’t know when is the perfect time to receive. Our conscious mind sees only a few percent of possibilities, so we don’t see what is the best time for us.

The second reason is that if your desire doesn’t manifest in particular time, your faith in accomplishment and law of attraction will decrease. Consequently the wish won’t manifest.

So you can put a deadline when we want to receive. If you don’t receive it in that time, you should know that it wasn’t the right time to receive it from the universe.

And what do you do next? You just reschedule the wish for so long that time will be right for the universe to acomplish the request. In this way, you maintain the faith and always believe in your desire, therefore, its realization is imminent. Remember, your wish will always come true if you believe 100%.

You have to know one important step in this process. Don’t ask yourself how will you do something to get what you want. This approach is negative because you emit negative energy.

Advices for Your Law of Attraction Success

These are the main points for working with law of attraction. Let me give you more advice for being happy most of your time. Why is this important? Happy people vibrate positive energy that is crucial for manifestation.

DoubtsFirst, you find yourself persons who have the same beliefs as you. This sounds easy task, but you must know that most of the people doesn’t think like you or don’t believe in your goals.

If you hang out with these people you will block your receiving process and slow it down.

You have to surround with like-minded people. Personally, I changed people around me because I felt that it is the right way to my positive energy. So, if you spend time with people who don’t agree with your beliefs, you won’t feel good, and this means sending negative energy to the universe.

How do You Spent Your Free Time?

The second thing is the mass media. You should avoid watching and listening the news because it sends you negative signals most of the time. If you hear negative news on a regular basis, the negative elements will anchor in your unconscious mind. Think about it.

I ask you to stop watching TV and stop reading and listening to the news or just reduce your time doing it. You should know why media is not good for our thinking process and creativity in general. If you like to see a movie on TV, it’s the best to see a comedy. Laughing is wonderful and gives us positivity.

The meaning of life is that you enjoy it! I used to watch television most of my free time, but now I almost don’t watch it anymore. I still like to watch a comedy movie, a documentary and sport from time to time. I have to say that I reduced watching TV for 90% of my time.

You think what do I do then? Well, I read books that are wonderful base of knowledge. I suggest that you read books in physical form rather than digital because physical books radiate better energy. Your eyes will be grateful too. Read every day, even if you read one page per day.

If you think you can read all kinds of books you are wrong. I suggest that you read books on personal development and authors who succeed in their life. You want to make a change in your life, am I right? Ok, so this is the right area of books you should focus on, you don’t need a fairy tale and fiction. You need to learn from real, successful people. It is always crucial who we follow and who is our inspiration, so choose wisely.

Work Should Be a Pleasure!

We should say more about work. It should be a pleasure, do something that will lift your spirit and you will emit even more right signals to the universe. Work should be like a hobby. Well, I know that many people are not satisfied with their work. They want more money and that they couldn’t leave a job because they have a family to feed, pay the rent, etc.

work must be a joyBut these people can have wishes, which can be realized in their free time. Every person asks himself “But what should I do?” The answer is easy. Do something that makes you happy when you even think about doing it. Also do what you know you are good at.

If you don’t know what you should do in your life, don’t worry, the universe will show you the way.

I hope that I did a good job bringing the the law of attraction closer to you to understand. This is just a start of your life journey.

Be happy because if you really want to change your life on better, the universe gave you this article. Nothing is without meaning.

Now you know how to practise law of attraction correctlyThink positively, be obsessed with your desire, believe and act. You will see the law of attraction on the work.

“You become what you think about most of the time.”
~ Earl Nightingale

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