How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur With No Money? Read Jovana’s Story!

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How to be a successful entrepreneur with no money? When you will read this article, you will see it’s not that hard. Young entrepreneur must be open-minded, ambitious and willing to sacrifice. Did you ever ask yourself how to succeed in the modern world? Which possibilities do modern world offers?

Personal Success at 21 Years of Age

Let me introduce you a real story from a young entrepreneur from Belgrade (Serbia), Jovana Miljanović who is traveling around the world from her 21 years of age. She studied at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences until the third year when she won a scholarship from US government and moved to the United States.

Nowadays, she deals with technology startups, digital marketing, and consulting services. She is a living proof how you can succeed till your 25 years of age and become a young entrepreneur. Read her inspirational story and how she got into the digital world.

Getting in Digital World and Traveling all Around the World

How to be a successful entrepreneur with no money? Read what Jovana told us. “Reading books of Peter Drucker and Philip Kotler helped me shift in the marketing area. I used this knowledge and transferred it into the digital world. I already worked with a startup in college. Technology is my greatest love besides travel and writing because it allows opportunities for all” she said.


“I work with things that I like, which satisfies me. I have become very good with a lot of effort and work. The business led me to France, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Romania, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt, Spain, and Great Britain.” Among all these beautiful countries that she visited, she liked Israel the most.

In the last three years, she lived in four different countries. She has worked in London and Dubai – where she won $30,000 for the development of her mobile applications. She also lived in New York and Cyprus.

The Secret of Her Success

Ok but what is her secret? How did she get so successful? What did she do?

She invested most of her income in education. She learns all the time. “I spend 80% of my earned money on courses, healthy food, books, and smart devices. I don’t have much free time; I spend it just for my loved ones and for my dog.” She doesn’t know the word “holiday.” Unlike most of her peers, she doesn’t perceive the Internet as entertainment.

“For me, the internet was always the escape from reality into the world without barriers and boundaries. On Internet you don’t need a passport or a lot of money to study at the best universities, visit the best museums and explore the most hidden corners of the world.” That is why she wants to see more young people to have free access to the Internet.

The Result of her Work as the Young Entrepreneur

Currently, she is developing a mobile application Noiz, which allows the announcement of status, linked to a location. Other users can see your posts, the location and the time of the announcement. Thus, they can accompany particular themes and unreservedly write about them, knowing that they are completely anonymous.

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur with no Money?

Now let me explain how I see Jovana’s success as a young entrepreneur. She was attracted to two world authors who are very successful on their area of work. Peter Drucker was an American management consultant and was teaching about modern managing. We know him as “founder of modern management.” The other author, Philip Kotler, works as marketing author, consultant, and professor and is a marketing leader.

These two authors opened a door to a new world of opportunities for her. But why do people reach for a specific topic of a book among thousands of books? Well, because they were attracted to the topic or title of the book. Would you choose to read a book which topic doesn’t interest you at all? I think not 🙂

I am sure Jovana had a goal or at least some interest in topics that regarded marketing and managing a business. She was drawn into, and she found something that she will like to learn and discover. As she said, she likes the Internet because it gives open knowledge to people. She was very teachable and still is, so her acquired knowledge and skills made her product to sale.

I liked her statement that she hasn’t got a lot of free time. This means she is dedicated to her passion, to her work and this is the reason for her success – dedication and love for the work she is doing.

how to be a successful entrepreneur with no moneyI also think that she knows how to manage money, when she invest 80% of her income to learning seminars, books, healthy food, etc.

Healthy nutrition is also a significant element for success. A person who has toxins in his body and who is without energy can’t give 100% for his success.

She read and learned from two successful men that succeeded in their life. If you choose to read books or learn from other sources, be careful from whom you learn. Learn from people succeeded.

How is She Connected to the Law of Attraction?

We can’t say if she knows the law of attraction or not, but I am curtain of one thing. She found her purpose through good vibrations sent to the universe. First, when she had a goal or idea, second, when she found her area of work and fall in love with it and third, she become a very happy person in general.

You must know one thing about the law of attraction. When you find what you love to do, you will be happy doing it. It is very important that you feel happy all the time when having a goal and desire. If you want to apply this universal law to succeed, you must send the universe good vibrations. This means surrounding yourself with good people, favorite music, books and activities.

You still wonder how to be a successful entrepreneur with no money? Focus on yourself. What do you love to do without having a hard time even thinking about it? Think and put it on paper, research and learn about things you don’t know. The Internet is just one source of knowledge that has an unlimited amount of information. This is the first step you can do towards a better life. And there is a sea of opportunities for success today; you just have to be open-minded.

Here is Jovana’s official website for you to check how does she travel for free:

Jovana Miljanovic website

Jovana’s life has a meaning. Are you living your dream?

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